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NOTE: Global Gang Kits are currently unavailable as the kits are being revamped. The Kits will be offered again in 2013.

Global Gang

The Global Gang is an educational outreach program developed by Friends of the Earth, Sea and Space Center. The goal of the program is to help schools form fun clubs where children and teachers can explore the wonders of earth, sea, and space.

The motto of the Global Gang is "It's Our World." Global Gang colors are Earth colors, blue and green. Their mission is to learn about their wondrous earth, help the environment, and have fun.

Anyone can join a Global Gang!

Teachers can make the Global Gang an after school club, or incorporate it into their regular classroom activities.

Schools may form one large Global Gang, or may choose to have several Global Gangs geared to different age levels. If there are several Gangs within a school, they may wish to have special names to differentiate, such as the Jumpin' Jaguars Global Gang, or the Raging River Global Gang.

Every activity can be adapted to several age groups: the Global Gang is designed for children ages 6-11, although some teachers have used elements of the kits for children younger and older.

All activities in the Global Gang kits were developed by educators for educators.

Teachers can send for a free Introductory Kit (available to schools only) by printing out this form and mailing it to the address listed on the form. Or you can call 603-436-7778 for more information.

If you enjoy the introductory kit, just fill out the form that will be included indicating you wish to continue receiving kits.

Global Gang teachers will then receive a free kit when they are produced.

Global Gang teachers will also receive information about special opportunities from time to time. These might include:

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